Farsons Brewery Experience

Greenaway & Greenaway were commissioned by Sarner International to create a suite of AV’s for The Farsons Brewery Experience. ‘The Brewhouse’ in Malta. This captivating and immersive brand experience is located at The Brewhouse in Malta and serves as a remarkable showcase of the social and industrial history of the Farsons Group, Malta’s leading brewery and food and beverage conglomerate, with a history dating back to the 1920s. Established in 1928, Farsons Brewery holds a significant place in Malta’s heritage. The Farsons Brewery Experience was envisaged as a key destination for anyone curious to learn the rich backstory to Malta’s leading brewery and its incredible evolution into a modern and forward-thinking food and beverage conglomerate. An essential aspect of the project was to celebrate the brews produced by Farsons, asserting the reputable and leading credentials at the same time.

A mix of direction, filming, editing, animation, Illustration, original music composition and sound design.